Technology Department


All technical support will be addressed and handled through the District Technology Department.

For Students: 

  • High School - Students may bring their device to the High School Technology Office for technical support. 
  • Middle School - Students may ask their teacher to submit a ticket for technical support. 
  • Elementary Schools - Students may ask their teacher to submit a ticket for technical support. 
For Parents:
  • For all grade levels - Parents may send an email to the Technology Team for technical support.

Chromebook Technology Policies

The rules/regulations associated with the Chromebook 1:1 are provided so both students and parents are aware of the responsibilities present when in possession of and using a district-owned device. Violations of these rules and regulations will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

        Technology use must 

  1.             Support learning
  2.             Follow local, state & federal law
  3.             Be appropriate for school
        Security Reminders 
  1.             Do not share Chromebooks, logins or passwords
  2.             Follow Internet safety guidelines
        Students are prohibited from 
  1.             Purposely damaging school-issued equipment in any way
  2.             Intentional damage will be repaired or replaced with family responsibility for the cost  

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