Principals Message

Dear Metcalf Families,

Welcome to Metcalf Elementary School! It is an honor to be part of your child’s education at a school where a genuine love for children and high expectations are a priority. Our goal is to create a challenging, motivating, safe and supportive environment that allows students to thrive academically and socially.

We believe that success starts here. Our faculty and staff are devoted to actively working together to provide students with the best instructional practices that develop the essential knowledge and skills, while at the same time encouraging creativity, curiosity, and desires to be life-long learners. When students leave Metcalf Elementary, they will have a solid foundation to transfer to the middle school.

In addition, we continue to encourage all students, staff and parents to foster a Growth Mindset. With this approach, people believe they can develop their abilities and learn anything through perseverance and hard work. Metcalf Elementary students are encouraged to solve problems on their own and struggle through challenges in their classes. As parents, you can help us by supporting this effort. This can be done by encouraging your child to focus on the task even when it gets difficult, praising them based on their best efforts, and continuing to motivate them to improve with consistent effort.

In closing, we look forward to working with you as we strengthen all students’ abilities to reach excellence. Please don’t hesitate to reach us with any highlights or concerns you may have.

Warm Regards,

Jennifer L. Morales
Metcalf Elementary School

Jennifer Morales

Metcalf Elementary School Principal


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