Wildkitten Den Program Philosophy

Program Philosophy

Wildkitten Den offers a developmentally appropriate early childhood education program that meets the needs of the “whole child” and encourages the power of play. Play is the primary occupation of a child. The curriculum respects both the age and the individual needs of each child. We provide a safe, healthy learning environment that will advance your child’s physical and intellectual competence, communication and creativity. Social and emotional development is encouraged to nurture self-esteem, social responsibility, and pro-social skills.

Developmental Profile

• At the Wildkitten Den, our goal is to ensure all children are making progress in each domain.
• We use Beyond Text Books as our curriculum, based on the Arizona Early Learning Standards, and Arizona Infant Toddler Developmental Guidelines. Assessments are done on each child and documented in portfolios. Parent input is necessary for these assessments to be accurate. This will help guide developmentally appropriate activities for children.
• Formal parent/teacher conferences occur two times a year. Informal conferences may take place any time throughout the course of the year.

Screening and Referral/Child Assessment

Teachers and parents will perform a developmental. The checklist shows what developmental milestones a child is reaching at a certain age. Use of the checklist can show whether a child is reaching developmental milestones at the anticipated age range, (the rate of a typical peer), or if there is a need for further assessment in a developmental domain. If a child is not meeting the anticipated developmental milestones, the child’s teacher will also administer an ASQW, Ages and Stages Questionnaire, that will help to identify any specific delays.

Morenci School District Mission Statement

We, the stakeholders, are student centered and hold high expectations for our students and ourselves. We work together to provide a safe, healthy, positive, supportive environment where the intrinsic value, dignity, and integrity of each individual are recognized and developed.  

Vision Statement

We are a top tier, technologically advanced school system that instills excellence in our teachers, staff, and students allowing us to compete globally and prepare students for the future, for life.

What is happening during Center Time?

Have you ever stopped to think about which areas of your child’s mind are being challenged at each of the centers in his or her classroom? It is truly amazing what these children are learning all day long at preschool. Below you will find the goals of each of the centers in our classrooms and on the playground, and how we achieve these goals. Remember we also work very diligently to spread each of the curriculum areas throughout the other centers. This means it is not unusual to see children working on math concepts in the art center or writing in the pretend center. This is a vital piece of our curriculum because it helps the children connect their world in a meaningful way