Metcalf Assessment Testing

K - 4th GradeDaily Math Skills (DMS) is a math fluency probe given to assess students on specific grade level math skills.Daily
K - 4th GradeFormative Assessments
These short and frequent assessments are embedded in the instructional program that support learning by providing feedback on student performance and identify specific knowledge of individual AZ State Standards. Students are placed into reteach or enrichment based on the results of these assessments.

K - 4th GradePower School Benchmarks
This assessment measures student achievement toward state standards that have been taught during each quarter. The purpose is to identify retention of standards. It provides a snapshot of student performance and allows teachers to develop a plan to remediate or enrich lessons for each student.
K - 4th GradeDiBELS
The DIBELS measures were developed to be indicators of the essential early literacy skills that a child must master to become a good reader.
• Phonemic Awareness: Hearing and using sounds in spoken words.
• Alphabetic Principle and Phonics: Knowing the sounds of the letters and sounding out written words.
• Accurate and Fluent Reading: Reading stories and other materials easily and quickly with few mistakes.
• Vocabulary: Understanding and correctly using a variety of words.
• Comprehension: Understanding what is spoken or read.
Please see the DiBELS Parent Guide and your child’s homeroom teacher for more information. (Create Hyperlink to DiBELS Parent Guide)

August, December, & April
K - 4th GradeStar Reading/Accelerated Reader
• Star Reading is a customized reading test for students to take on a computer. The test is designed for students in grades 1 through 12 (also for students in kindergarten who have basic reading skills). Teachers can use reports from Star Reading to determine the reading level of each student and to measure growth.
• Accelerated Reader is a computerized reading program designed to motivate, manage and monitor student literature-based reading. The program focuses on each student reading books that match up with their interest and ability. Books that will allow reading growth, without discouragement.

Daily, Weekly, & Quarterly
3rd - 4th GradeAzMERIT Test
Arizona’s Measurement of Educational Readiness to Inform Teaching (AzMERIT) is an annual statewide test that measures how students are performing in English language arts and math. Assessments can be effective tools to support your child’s learning. They can tell you and your child’s teacher if your child is on track to succeed or if he/she needs to spend additional time learning a topic.

AZ Merit Testing Dates
for the 2017 - 2018 School Year

Tuesday, April 3ELA – WritingThird Grade
Wednesday, April 4ELA – WritingFourth Grade
Thursday, April 5AIMS ScienceFourth Grade
Tuesday, April 10ELA – Reading/Math Part 1Third Grade
Wednesday, April 11ELA – Reading/Math Part 2Third Grade
Tuesday, April 17ELA – Reading/Math Part 1Fourth Grade
Wednesday, April 18ELA – Reading/Math Part 2Fourth Grade