Metcalf Gifted Program

Morenci Unified School District #18 offers a Gifted Program in grades K-4. Students eligible for this program must qualify at the 97th percentile on a state approved test in any one of three reasoning categories (Verbal, Quantitative, or Nonverbal). Morenci School District administers the Cognitive Abilities Test (GogAT) to determine eligibility. Students may be referred for testing only once per school year. Testing opportunities are offered once each semester and on an individual referral basis as needed.

These students’ extraordinary capacities require special services and programs. Various enrichment activities supplement the regular school curriculum and are provided in a number of different learning situations during the school day. Students are typically pulled from their classroom to attend the gifted program twice weekly. If you have any questions concerning the program you may contact the Special Education Director at 928-865-7247.