Infant WElcome Letter

Welcome to the Wildkitten Den! We are excited to partner with you in caring for your baby. The following information will assist you in knowing what is needed for your child while they are here with us.

Weekly lesson plans are posted in the classroom and are available to print and take home upon request. Parent/teacher conferences are done upon enrollment and again in May. Teachers are available for informal conferences at any time.

Please bring enough diapers to get through at least one full day. You are more than welcome to bring more, and we will label them and store them here for you. We will also let you know when your supply is running low. We are only equipped to use disposable diapers here, if you have questions about that policy please speak with the Director or Assistant Director. In addition to diapers please bring wipes and, if you would like us to use it, also bring diaper cream. You are welcomed to bring everything in a diaper bag, but please make sure that there are no medications (teething gel, gas drops, Tylenol or Ibuprofen) stored inside because medications are not allowed in the classroom. If medication is necessary, please bring it to the front desk and fill out the required paperwork.

We always want your little one looking their best so please send a few changes of clothes. Make sure you label the clothes for us and we will store them in your child’s cubby. Blankets are not necessary. Due to licensing and SIDS guidelines, nothing but a lightweight blanket should be in the crib with your child. Also, no toys, soft animals, or pillows are allowed. We provide sleep sacks and light weight blankets for your child’s use.

Please bring all food and bottles pre-mixed. This makes it much easier on their caregivers. We have special bands that we will give you to put on the bottles if they are using breast milk. Breast milk bottles cannot be saved if they have already been warmed up or partially used. Once your child starts eating table food, we will provide that for them, as long as it is approved by you first.

Here is a list of necessary items:

  •  Diapers 
  •  Wipes 
  •  Diaper Cream 
  •  Premade bottles and food 
  •  Labeled changes of clothes

Thank you for choosing Wildkitten Den to care for your most prized possession, we will do our best to meet your expectations. If you have questions, please talk with any of the infant teachers, the Director or the Assistant Director.