Toddler WElcome Letter

Welcome to our class! We are excited to have you and your child join us. This welcome letter will give you an idea of what to expect and what we would like you to bring to help your child adjust to our class. This is a very busy, yet fun learning environment and we are looking forward to bonding with and teaching your child.

Please bring with you:
1. Diapers, wipes, change of clothes labeled with your child’s name.
2. A sippy cup for water, and a small blanket for nap time.
3. In warmer months, please remember to apply a long lasting sunscreen at home as we can’t apply it here.
4. Closed toe shoes are a must. Please no sandals or flip flops...little toes get hurt very easily.
5. Shoes are required at all times. This is not only for safety but it is also a state licensing requirement.

The requirements for moving from the infant room into the toddler room are:
1. Must be walking.
2. Must be one year old
3. Must be able to eat solid food. No baby food is allowed. Breakfast is served at 8:00, lunch at 11:00, and snack at 2pm. We have other snacks available to help hold your child over until mealtime if necessary.
4. Must be off of formula/breast milk. We provide whole milk and all other food. If your child needs a special milk due to medical reasons, please let us know, so we can make accommodations. 
5. There are no bottles allowed in the toddler room. We provide cups for meals and snacks. Please bring a sippy cup for water throughout the day. Pacifiers are discouraged due to the “sharing” that toddlers love. Naptime use is ok for a little while.

We are firm believers in communication. Please, feel free to bring any questions or concerns directly to us. If we can’t help you, then Ginger and Loretta are more than happy to assist. We love parent input! If there is something your child enjoys learning, please let us know so we can incorporate that into our daily activities. For your convenience, our lesson plans are posted in the classroom. We are more than happy to make a copy for you upon request. Your child will also have a portfolio in which we document milestones, activities, and other learning moments, through pictures, artwork and documentation. These portfolios with move classrooms with your child. When they leave our care, the portfolio will go home with them. Two times a year we will have scheduled Parent/Teacher conferences, and we can use this time to talk about goals and how your child in progressing. Conferences are done upon enrollment and again in May. Informal conferences can be done at any time.

We love our toddlers and look forward to working with you, and teaching and loving your child. Please know that their best interests will always be our priority.