MHS Parent Pride Board

This year's Open House for Morenci High School was a great success, as parents, students, and teachers were able to get better acquainted by doing fun games and activities, which led to tickets for door prizes. The prizes included Whisker Ones to buy things at the lunch concession counter, event passes, and even a 2023-24 yearbook! A few lucky participants even got to throw a wet sponge or a pie at an administrator.

Parents were able to give input about what we can do better, and what we do well. They were also able to write a note about what they appreciate about their student. The positive comments from both activities have been posted in our hallways.

We look forward to hosting a Parent Night later in the semester and look forward to the chance to have Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences on September 27th and 28th.

We love serving such an engaged and supportive community!