Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week at Metcalf Elementary

“Be Kind to your Mind,” was this year’s National Red Ribbon Week theme.  According to, Red Ribbon Week takes place each year in October with the red ribbon serving as a catalyst to educate and encourage youth and community participation in drug prevention activities.  Metcalf students participated in a poster contest for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade students and an essay contest for 3rd and 4th grade students.  The poster contest winners were Aviana Morey and Caty Robles.  The essay contest winners were Zander Alvarez and Hayley Silva.  Hayley’s essay began by saying, “Do you know a group of pills, drinks, capsules, and syrups that can damage your body and mind, well if you said drugs, you are correct.”  Her essay ended in saying, “Drugs are dangerous, they hurt your body , and others around you. I have a feeling that lots of people’s lives could change completely if they stopped using drugs and started appreciating their bodies more.”

Metcalf teachers and students also participated in a door decorating contest.  1st place was Mr. Morales’ Kindergarten class.  His classroom door displayed a skunk with the slogan, “Drugs Stink.”  Students were pictured on the door making a stinky face and wrote words such as yucky, ew, and gross.  2nd place was Mrs. Herrera’s 2nd Grade class with, “No Room on our Broom for Drugs.”  Students were pictured with their own broom and witch hat.  In 3rd place was Ms. Rivera’s 4th Grade class.  They stuck with the national theme of being king to your mind.  Their door display had half of a heart and half of a brain that formed a heart with handwritten advice about taking care of yourself by students.  The doors were a fun display that reminded everyone about the purpose of the week.  

Red Ribbon Week concluded at Metcalf’s Fired Up Friday assembly.  Nicole Verdugo, Misty Gregory, and Anthony Holguin from the Greenlee County Health Department provided games for the students.  One of the activities gave students the opportunity to think about their heroes and what makes them a hero.  Representatives from the Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Clifton Police Department were also there to support and talk with students about remaining safe and drug free.  Overall, we hope Red Ribbon Week helps educate the community and our youth to be happy, be brave, and be drug free.