Yoga Conference

Metcalf Students Attend Yoga Conference

Metcalf students got to experience more stretching and less stressing on Friday, October 20th while attending the MindBody Conference by YogaFit.  The Morenci Community Center invited a group of Metcalf Physical Education students to participate, and they were glad they did.  Coach Taylor Martinez, who chaperoned the group, stated that, “Students practiced stretches and poses that were strengthening and empowering, yet calming and relaxing.  They learned about smiling through hard things, such as the Standing Frog pose.”  Fourth Grade student, Alex Robles, said that he felt relaxed and sleepy and learned that doing yoga before bedtime can be a great way to wind down.  

Local educators were also invited to attend the conference on Saturday, which was focused on creating fit and focused youth.  Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Russell said, “Overall, it was an engaging and informative experience for students and staff alike! Each session from the YogaFit conference provided eye-opening insight on how to find balance in the classroom. As a teacher, I have many more tools to support students who are over-processing or under-processing their environment. I am excited to try new mindfulness practices, breathing techniques, and "yoga snacks" with my students.”  Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jones stated, “The sessions were filled with some great information and some great ideas that I will definitely use moving forward.  I really enjoyed the fact that what I was learning I could apply at home and in the classroom.