Metcalf’s Student Council President is Jezlyna Holguin and our Student Council Vice President is Elliott Sanders.  They serve and lead approximately 650 students at Metcalf. Jezlyna and Elliot have both attended Metcalf since Kindergarten and have both been in Student Council for three years. They are both 4th graders and are strong youth role models in our community.  

Jezlyna and Elliott recently presented a plan to key community members to increase recycling in our schools and town.  Last semester, Jezlyna was part of the Kindness Crew at Metcalf Elementary, where she led students in writing positive and encouraging notes to students and teachers.  They also made signs, notes, and treats for school bus drivers.  This semester, she is on the Clean Up Crew at school, where she voluntarily picks up trash around the schools, community, and neighborhood.  Last semester, Elliott was part of the Character Strong Crew at Metcalf Elementary, where he led students in making posters about character traits to hang up around the school and town.  This semester, he is on the Kindness Crew at school and has many great ideas in store for spreading kindness!  Student Council Sponsor, Meghan Whitehead, says Jezlyna and Elliott have great ideas, connect with other students, and put in extra time at school events.

On top of being excellent students and leaders at school, Jezlyna and Elliott are both well-rounded individuals outside of school.  They both said they participate in sports and church.  They have participated and helped with children's choir, plays, and community service projects.  They also balance that with attending sports practices several times per week.  Jezlyna plays basketball and softball, and Elliott does wrestling.  They are both older siblings and wonderful with younger students, which is very beneficial at Metcalf.  We are grateful for Jezlyna and Elliott as student leaders at our school!