Special Olympics

Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt. - Special Olympics Athlete's Oath

FMS and MHS Empowerment Students participated in the Safford Special Olympics this week!

Here's the latest update:

Softball Throw Results:

1st Place: Carlos Sanchez, Kayslyn Butler, Jayden Lopez

2nd Place: Averix Rios, Justyce Maggio

2x50 Unified Relays:

1st Place: Jayden Lopez (with Breck Williams)

2nd Place: Justyce Maggio (with Delia Jones)

3rd Place: Carlos Sanchez (with John Provencio)

2nd Place: Kayslyn Butler (with Aniyah Fallow)

1st Place: Averyx (with Catalina Garcia)

4x100 Unified Relay:

1st Place: Carlos Sanchez, Jayden Lopez (with Tristen Sanchez, John Provencio)

3rd Place: Averix Rios, Justyce Maggio (with Catalina Garcia, Avanie Alvarez)

3rd Place: Kayslyn Butler, Jadyn Lopez (with Elena Leonard, Breck Williams)

A huge shoutout to Greenlee County Schools for the delicious lunch at La Casita and the awesome T-shirts. Big thanks to Kathryn Merino for the sweatbands and to FMS NJHS and MHS NHS for their support. And, of course, major kudos to Mr. Frank Kerrigan for all his help!

We also want to give special thanks to these amazing MHS teachers for their support:

Mrs. Linda Merino, Mrs. Pam Mennen, Mrs. Kathy Bourke, Mr. Rego Padilla, Mr. TJ Gomez, and Mrs. Christina Chavez