Romeo and Juliette

Learning doesn't always have to come straight from a book. Ms. Chavez took an unconventional approach to provide a unique experience for her students as they delved into 'Romeo and Juliet.' In return, she received exceptional effort and attitude from them, creating a lasting memory for everyone involved.

During the 40-minute session, each group focused on their assigned task, with the seating chart team laying out desk arrangements for the ceremony while the decor group worked on a captivating photo backdrop. Simultaneously, the entertainment team curated a playlist on Google Drive, creating a lively atmosphere.

At the end of the session, each group shared their contributions, including the menu, invitations, vows, and playlist. The next day, the printed invitations added to the excitement as students prepared for the ceremony, with selected music setting the mood.

During the ceremony, volunteers took on roles from the play, showcasing their dedication and understanding of the material. Ms. Chavez recognized their efforts with extra credit, further motivating them to excel. 

Additionally, recording the ceremony and writing toast speeches added a personal touch, making the experience even more meaningful and memorable for everyone involved.